Marcia -Bayfield, Ontario

I forgot to tell you today that the website is working brilliantly. I went back on and AirBnB bec. our #s were down last  season but out of 68 bookings for this coming season only 8 are from booking agencies!! Shows that people are seeing the website  first and using it!!

 Yeah!! Thx Marcia -Bayfield

Our bed and breakfast business was popular, but we knew we could do more.  Too much of our revenue was going to third party booking agencies.

Making a change meant a whole new website was needed that really showed off our beautiful property. Next, we needed to have the website search engine optimized so people could find the site, and discover us.

Within four months of the website go live date, we noticed a significant shift in our bookings. We were getting more bookings and they were coming directly onto our site, so all the revenue we worked for now came to us. We then decided we no longer needed the services of a third party booking agency. 

RBN was efficient and quick to get the new site up.  Great people to deal with!

Marcia -Bayfield