Retail Storefronts Going On-line in Huron County

Downtown cores serviced by BIA's (Business Improvement Associations) in small towns and city neighbourhoods have been negatively impacted by big on-line store competitors like Amazon. Local store-owners complain that shoppers come in to their store to look, but do not buy. Many of these shoppers go home, price compare named brands, and then buy online. How can local business compete?

Website Design for a BIA

Business Improvement Association Boards recognize that a good website is a core asset to communicate with the member businesses, as well as the general public.  The website needs to be able to reach out to the membership to communicate policy and invite member participation. Simple website designs, with professional, captivating content can accomplish this.  You want to show your members, that Business Improvements are ' Inevitable '. 

Local Web Design and Hosting in Huron County

The best local web design and website hosting services is available in Huron County, Ontario from the RBN Web Services Office in Clinton. Serving Goderich, Exeter, Grand Bend, Seaforth, Brussels, Bayfield, Wingham, Blyth and Mitchell.

Plan B - Small Wee Website

Your WEE site includes the following:

  • Customized content and design
  • Your site is designed to be fast loading on cell phones or any other device. 
  • We host the site and take care of your technical needs.
  • We offer an easy content management system so you can edit your own site if you wish.  We offer coaching and technical assistance.  Your site will always work for you.

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Media Outreach by Toronto area BIA

Business Improvement Associations (BIA) are spread across Ontario, with a mandate to beautify and promote local shopping in the traditional downtown cores of town and cities. In Toronto alone there are 84 different BIA's, each with a board of directors made up of member business owners, property owners and a municipal government councilor. 

Clinton Spring Fair launches new website for 2018 Fair

The Central Huron Agricultural Society has updated its Clinton Spring Fair website in time for the June 2018 fair.

The new website features a mobile friendly design that makes site navigation quicker, with an uncluttered feel.  There is much going on during the 3 day fair, so letting people know how to get the information they are looking for is a website design challenge. RBN Web Services has been servicing the needs of the fair for the past six years, so familiarity with the event was most helpful in designing the new site.