Digital Marketplace Demo

For Every Type of Business

All businesses need a digital presence, but the level of involvement required will vary. For instance, you may need a fully functional digital storefront to enhance your local brick and mortar retail operation; or you may only need something to display some of your goods online to help build foot traffic into your store. Regardless of your need, RBN Web Services has an affordable approach to help your business get the attention it needs.

Build your local visibility with “Marketplace Lite”

Potential customers in your local area are looking online for goods and services you could provide. Maybe they have not walked into your store yet, to discover what you can offer. Why loose this business to faraway competitors? Your could display your goods online, and bring customers into your local store who are able to pick up and pay for their goods with a real person they can trust. Your online store will help drive customers to your location where you are able to make a personal connection. This is foot traffic is great for repeat sales. So why not utilize your local connection to capture the online business that is readily available to you?

Expand your business with “Digital Marketplace”

You may want to have your online store provide shipping options for out of town buyers. No problem. We are able to provide you with inventory management and shipping built right into your Digital Marketplace package.

We will set up your store for you

The toughest part of getting any store started get started! We will come onto your premises and assess how you do business, then set up your online store according to your need. Once the structure is in place, we will show you how to take over and start filling those orders.

We will provide coaching and support

Your store may expand into new areas and opportunities. We are there to help you evolve into the “better”. We are also available to help with the search engine work to keep your store “on the map”