RBN Web Services is revolutionizing community websites by focusing on the digital needs of member businesses. We are experts in member directory design, management, and servicing.

We build websites that work for each of your individual members. We are then able to harness the digital tide to benefit your membership as a whole!

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RBN Web Services pioneered member based websites starting in 2006, as a user of the Bridgelin web platform.  At that time we operated websites for various member based organizations. The Bridgelin platform was developed here in Canada and from its inception, it was far ahead of its time. Everything an organization could need was built under one platform roof. This experience helped us gain insight on the technical, administrative and organizational needs of member based organizations.

Our vision had then expanded into what we now call 'community websites”.  We saw a need for better community-building communication, built on the foundation of local business and thriving communities. The Bridgelin platform was ideal for this so we started by stretching the software capability and built one of our first community websites we call Community WebLine. Our basic concept was to view the needs of member businesses as the foundation which everything else is built on. Our desire was turn listings into search engine optimized "mini-websites" that would make the member more visible in their community, and would contain enough information to persuade web visitors to make contact with the business.

We found the Bridgelin platform was stretched as far a it could go. It made sense then to acquire the Bridgelin customer base and look to the future. To get ahead of web development trends we had to start building a new platform from scratch using both our technical and practical experience. We knew what the end customer needed, and also knew how to build it. The foundation of a good community website is a powerful database for the member directory to be able to deliver relevant content in multiple ways, search engine optimized by the experts, accompanied by support services to ensure the customer receives the benefit of "all the tools in the toolbox".

The images and narrative below will give you some insight into how the RBN Web Services modern community website design delivers listing content to your website visitors.

Each listing is rich in image and text content, and is in fact a mini-website with all the information needed for web visitors decide if you have what they want.


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Our community platform is Mobile Friendly, Easy to Navigate, and Search Engine Optimized for every content type.

Here is a design issue example, with our solution.

For modern websites, sidebar ads are problematic.  Here are the reasons:

  • Smart phone Memory: Loading a large number of sidebar images puts a strain on the phone resources, slowing the site down. This is particularly so when the site uses animated gifs that are intended to flash and draw the attention of the eye.
  • Not mobile friendly: Side bar ads cannot be displayed alongside the content the website visitor wants to view.  Ie: bootstrap forces them to the bottom of the page where the visitor is unlikely to go after reading the desired content.
  • Often not visible: In addition to the mobile “unfriendly display” issue, many browsers now select their ad blocking feature.  This diminishes the impact of sidebar ads for desktop as well as mobile devices.


  • Sidebar ads are replaced with contextual content that helps people navigate to the place they want to go, using large images, clean backgrounds and minimal text until the web visitor finds what they are looking for.  Two content types are used to achieve this.
  1. Sponsored Listing: A listing may be displayed in a prominent ways using a large image (750 x 450 px) to attract attention.  This listings are given a date to appear and to disappear. Sponsored listings are often used to draw attention to sponsoring companies, they display their coloured “Ads” with a link to the listings and to the directory category.  
  2. Featured Listing: As with  a sponsored listing, a featured listing has a date display setting and is ideal to direct website visitors to featured promotions offered by individual businesses.