Business Improvement Associations ( BIA )in Ontario continue to evolve to meet the challenges of 21st century trends.

The emerging digital economy presents new challenges for traditional down-town core businesses as more people become comfortable with on-line purchases.

Most down-town stores do not offer an on-line store service. This is because on-line stores require much maintenance and expertise to be effective. Also, most store owners think it is not a good idea to compete head to head with big on-line stores like Wayfair or Amazon. So is there a way forward in the digital age?

Let's take stock of market conditions. BIA member businesses can thrive in their natural market we will refer to as the "shop local scene". To hang onto this market and expand it, local businesses need to do more on-line to compete with the convenience of on-line shopping. Many business owners have been using social media such as Facebook to develop a following. While Facebook does part of the job, there are severe limitations including the need for page activity that most small businesses do not have time to invest.

A solution is a new piece of website software technology, which allows businesses to "push" their promotional content to shop local customers mobile devices via the website. There is no need to download a mobile application. The website content is instantaneously available to subscribers. 

This push technology is ideal sales delivery tool which could be employed on a BIA website to aggregate local promotional content from member businesses, then efficiently deliver the promotions to smart phones and other devices to a known audience. The BIA website also has the potential to become an online store for member businesses, in addition to being a  type of social media platform servicing shop local "followers". Website administration is very simple.

Using this technology, BIA's can position the BIA website into a vital component to deliver a "one stop shop local experience."  Member participation is a cinch, since the BIA website has been transformed into a local information hub that has a direct influence in "making local business cash registers ring!"  The results are measurable.  BIA members will be receiving a tangible benefit to help them thrive in the digital age.

To learn more about updating your BIA website, contact RBN Web Services at your earliest convenience.