Your local Business Improvement Association is intended to be a vital link between the “downtown core” business community and municipal council. It is vital your BIA engage the local membership in helping to improve local business conditions. In order to remain relevant, a healthy BIA will need to reach out to the membership in hopes of attracting energetic new board members. The starting point is to inform your membership about the roles and rules of a BIA.

The City of Toronto has 83 BIAs working to improve their local neighbourhoods. Toronto has made a series of training videos to help board members better understand their role. Encourage your board members to view the three videos shared here.

Please note that while all BIA's operate under the authority of the Municipal Act, each BIA will have its own bylaws determining how it operates.  Please familiarize yourself with these.

BIA Board training and recruitment is an essential activity to maintain a healthy, vibrant Business Improvement Association organization. Board members need to know what is expected of them.  Here is an overview, provided courtesy of the City of Toronto.