Local Online Marketing

Have you ever been to the St. Jacobs Market? Once you go, you want to come back again and again. Its the local contact, the market feel and community experience that makes the St. Jacobs Market a destination for seasonal shoppers. For vendors, the consistent crowds make it all worthwhile to come back year after year.

SEO Services - be found online

For your website to rise in the search engine rankings, at present you need a mobile ready site, with tons of content, that is updated frequently, with the right keywords, and relevant content matching the search criteria.  Your website needs to load quickly, and if all that isn’t enough, all the search engine ranking rules that apply today, will change tomorrow.  If that sounds like a tall order for small business, you are right.

Mobile Friendly Websites

As of April 21, 2015. Google changed its search engine algorithm to recognize the growing trend to search online if you use a device. This means if your website is out of date and not mobile friendly, it is going to be harder to find you on the worldwide web.

About the Start of RBN

It’s funny how things get started.  In 2006 we began publishing a full gloss coloured magazine to showcase rural Ontario's quality lifestyle and the many great businesses operating here.  We felt rural residents needed to reacquaint themselves with often overlooked local merchants and service providers who were not being noticed within the urban media buzz.