What is Networking?

Networking is simply ‘word of mouth’ referral with the goal of gaining new business by building new contacts. Networking is NOT selling but about building and nurturing business relationships. Remember that new business might not come from the people you meet but from who they know.

How to Develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing is an important function of any business, organization or agency. Knowledge of marketing helps your team determine the content of messages, the channels for sending messages, and the typed of messages to reach the desired audience. Understanding marketing and how to develop and implement a marketing plan is one of the best ways to achieve objectives, priorities and business goals.

Balancing Home AND Business

Did you know that more than half of Canadians are caring for their children at home in the same season their parents are in need of more attention medically (or with higher care needs)? Is there hope to balance, such lifestyles without burnout?  Let’s explore some ways of making life better, easier and result in quality of family life, yes even while working.

It's Time for Opportunities

We want to encourage businesses and organizations, knowing that we live in times of testing; true, but perhaps it is really, “The Times of Opportunity”. Suggesting to try new ways of doing things really hits home, when home gets hit. This pertains to your business as well. Do not fix something that is not broken. Do not forget to fix that which is “broken”. For example, if business has always poured in, or come in at exactly the measure that you needed, you are most fortunate. Should this trickle or steady flow of clients stop or decline somewhat, what then? 

Website Design

The internet was once a place where people shopped to find products in faraway places. Over the past several years though, internet use has evolved tremendously. Since 85% of Canadians now have access to the internet, it's safe to assume your business or organization either has a website, or wishes it had one. People have been discarding their thick phone books and turned to the internet to get your contact information. It is there that new potential customers receive their initial impression of what you are all about. Shop Local...