Goderich, like many other Ontario west coast tourist destinations, hosts an array of businesses that could benefit from a modern, updated website design which would address the specific needs of seasonal visitors.

Mobile Friendly Design

A mobile friendly website is an essential tool for a successful website. Website design in tourist areas such as Goderich, Ontario need to service the needs of people “on the go”.  At RBN Web Services, we monitor website traffic into the Goderich area. We notice a shift of website traffic during  the summertime tourist season. Approximately 60 percent of online searches are then made from mobile devices such as smart phones. Most search engines detect what device you are using for your search. If it is not mobile friendly, your site may be ignored.

The most inexpensive advertising you can do is to have an effective mobile friendly website capturing this traffic and delivering it to your site. These are buyers looking for a place to land!

Your site is also rated on how the mobile-friendly information is presented. Once a visitor lands on your site, the website design should quickly direct the visitor to what they are looking for. Your website design needs to present information in an orderly way that will keep the visitor on the site until they are rewarded with the right content. If they are looking to rent accommodations or recreational equipment they would also want to know if they can find out what is available now. If you can give them that information on your website, they will likely take the next step to contact you. You now have a sales opportunity. 

Functional Website Design

We know that tourist regions along Ontario's west coast host many businesses that service the rental needs of tourists.  Examples include boat rentals, bicycles, camping sites, and accommodations of every description. If your website offered additional functionality such as online booking, you would gain a competitive edge. People “on the go” want to make sure they are not disappointed when they arrive, so many will have a preference to find out what is available and when it is available. They want to know if they can book now. Online booking functionality can help you secure the mobile business segment. It can also put more money in your pocket for your loyal repeat customers who prefer planning ahead.

book online.

Suppose you own a motel. If your website allowed visitors to book their accommodation directly on your website, a third party booking agency would not be charging you fees. By saving those fees, you increase would your profit margin with no extra effort. We encourage you to click here to view a Goderich motel website that has its own online booking.  It has been able to improve its bottom line this way.

Booking directly on your website can improve your business in other ways as well. You know that satisfied customers are your best source of repeat business. It would be good to let these customers know they can conveniently book ahead now for the busy season, to ensure they have a place to come back to year after year. Your website could manage all the bookings the way you want to do business, and could even assign a particular favoured room to your preferred guest. You cannot do this with a third party booking service. Why not manage this functionality on your own website and reduce your booking costs at the same time?  

Third party booking services have their place, however they are taking food off your table when your repeat customers use their service.  Not only that, these third party services often advertise no vacancy when their room allotment is full. However you still have empty rooms! It is better if your online bookings is handled by your own website.

Along Ontario's west coast, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, fine restaurants, cottages, and recreational equipment rental businesses can all benefit from RBN Web Services easy to use website booking functionality.  

As you can see, a good mobile friendly website does more than re-format its content to fit a smaller screen. There are many considerations It takes a professional website developer to figure out how to do this. Be sure to ask for help.

You will be rewarded with better search engine results and improved sales revenue when you recognize visitors to tourist destinations such as Goderich are making many buying decisions as they are drive toward Lake Huron on Ontario's west coast.

For a free consultation, contact RBN Web Services for further information on how to go forward with your tourist service business.