How do I start an action plan to grow my business? You may be saying I need a roadmap to reach my goals. I have the vision for my business - I need a plan to make it happen. Marketing is a vital step in that plan, you want one that works.

How to begin and follow up a plan that brings clients to you:

1) Communicate with your employees the anticipation of going forward. Clearly share their part and how important your staff members  are to the marketing strategy.
2) Discuss the plan often being sure to invite their feed back.
3) As owners, always define the brand/image and type of business you want the public to see.
4) What makes your business unique/different. Discuss strengths and weaknesses to give realistic goal setting.
5) Do you know where your customers shop?  Why make the change or add you to their experiences?
6) Identify who your customer is - what attracts your customer to your business or organization.
7) Set a time line for completion of your plan - name resources you will need including time to sit with a marketing team
8) Make up a budget - monthly details of jobs needing to be done.
9) Be sure to update your plan often. This will keep you current in "Today's Market". Be sought after in your work place.