Small business is BIG

Sure and steady, we go forward.

Our economy may have paused for a time, but helping it to move ahead consistently and strong are small businesses.  When small business owners were interviewed regarding business growth, approximately half believed they would be increasing soon, at least within the year.  

How do we go forward as a business or organization?

  • Establish your vision. Write it down and make it clear. It is good to know the next step when the plan is written in front of you. 
  • Know the goals or the goal that you plan to achieve, and set this always before you.  When visual, your goal picture is encouraging and a great reminder of where you are going. Have a picture board of your hopes, dreams and goals. This could be in a picture frame on your desk or on your laptop/computer screen.
  • Discuss all of the above with your family and friends. Do not leave out your loved ones, as being a part of goal setting can draw you closer to one another. It is also important to hear yourself and others; great brainstorming breeds dynamic results!
  • Check out financial options.  Today there are many government programs, grants and incentives to help small businesses. Go to your local town council, or employment / business centre. Be sure to seek advice and let your plans be known. A part of your strategy could be to have assistance in this way as you journey through.

Management:  Be sure your business has sound managers and supervisors leading the way. Communicating with your staff and clients is essential to moving forward. There is a confidence in the entrepreneur’s heart today for the future. Canada is on the rise and decisions for “making it happen” in business are at the top of the Anticipation List.  Prosperity that is redeemed, NEW and flowing with creativity is giving small businesses expectations of a demand for their services and products. 

Marketing:  Is your business known to the public? Can they find you easily? This is achievable today more than ever before. On-line marketing through websites, community sites ( and email marketing is growing every minute, as businesses venture on-line locally and globally. Do not miss your opportunity to be seen by your target market. 

Networking: Word of mouth, meeting and greeting is welcome in every venue. People love to know “who they are doing business with”. A friendly hand shake and a couple of cards / brochures put in the hand of your potential client gives you a step up to be first on their business list.

Sharing your website and walking / talking through some business needs is always welcome. You already have much in common, you are in business. When we reach out to another and help their business grow, our focus changes. Ideas brimming with promise inevitably start to flow. Networking is a tool in the entrepreneur’s life that has a support system without limit.

Enjoy every day and grow your business. Moving forward is challenging, but fun too!