Realty+ Highlights

Listing displays can vary to reflect your promotion ideas. Your site will draw attention to particular listings by a home page slider display, or subcategories displayed such as latest, featured, or sponsored listings

Special Property content type

Realty+ features a well equipped “Property” content type, which has been specifically designed for real estate. Using it, you can effectively and dynamically describe all aspects of your property.

  • Kind of property, home, commercial, apartment

  • Type of contract...rental, buy, or buy or rent

Advanced search & filtering

Powered by the robustness of exposed Views filters, Realty+ provides your visitors the necessary tools to search among thousands of entries, with a variety of criteria quickly and effectively.

  • Search by price minimum – maximum, type of contract

  • Sort by price, baths, rooms, space etc

Google Map integrated with Views-powered goodness

Realty+ comes with a custom Google Maps and Views integration, which provides directions and more info on any entered Property, with a single click.

  • Maps display on individual listings, and also as an area map of all listings

Add to watchlist functionality

Realty+ comes bundled with a flexible flagging system

  • This allows site visitors to keep track of properties they are interested in following

Special Agent content type

Realty+ comes with a Property Agent content type, that includes fields featuring all the information necessary under real-life circumstances.

  • Sales agents and their properties are displayed in various ways throughout the site

Mobile Menu options

Designed with care to accommodate mobile website viewing for prospective buyers on the move.

Built with SEO in mind

Carefully crafted to comply with the best practices recommended for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website content will become more visible in the markets you wish to service.

Automated image resizing

The Realty+ platform has a built-in and preconfigured Image Cache module for automated image resizing. This saves time an money. You just upload your photos and they are placed in the way they should be.

Cross-browser compatibility

Realty+ is fully compatible with all modern web browsers on both desktop and mobile.

Social media integration.

"Follow me" links are built-in into the design and functionality. But that’s the beginning; each theme comes with “deep” built-in integration with your social media accounts.