Business Improvement Associations (BIA) are spread across Ontario, with a mandate to beautify and promote local shopping in the traditional downtown cores of town and cities. In Toronto alone there are 84 different BIA's, each with a board of directors made up of member business owners, property owners and a municipal government councilor. 

BIA's were formed to meet the challenges of of changing consumer habits.  Most downtown cores suffer from consumer migration to shopping malls.  Today, the competition has further increased with the growing popularity of online shopping.  This means every BIA needs to operate smarter, by providing their members with a good search engine optimized website directory to help raise their online visibility.  

RBN Web Services provides an umbrella of technical and marketing services to assist BIA administrators with their website development.  Here is one BIA where we provide the digital directory for their website, to strengthen their digital impact. They continue to promote using traditional print media, but are now including a solid offering for the online demands of the 21st century.

Enjoy their promotional video.