RBN's Community Directory Services

RBN Web Services pioneered member based websites as a user of the Bridgelin web platform in 2006, when we operated the websites of various member based organizations. The Bridgelin platform was developed here in Canada, and from its inception, was far ahead of its time. Everything an organization could need as build under one platform roof.

Our vision then expanded into what we call 'community websites”.  We saw a need for better community-building communication, built on the foundation of local business and thriving communities. The Bridgelin platform was ideal for this so we started by stretching the software capability and built one of our first community websites we call Community WebLine. 

Rotary Club Festival Site

The Richmond Hill Rotary Club has upgraded its Craft Beer Festival website to better profile the festival vendors and the overall feel of this fundraising event website.

The site offers vendors more than a space for their logo.  The site design encourages visitors to click through to the vendor area, to learn more about each vendor, without leaving the site.  This is a value added feature appreciated by participating vendors.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Ride 4 Kids Website

Ride 4 Kids is a local charity event fundraising site.  In addition to providing event details, the site rewards sponsoring businesses with a click through business listing that provides fulsome information and a back-link to the sponsor website. 

This value added approach makes sponsorship much more attractive for sponsors to participate.


This is a large community website with thousands of listings and about 3000 pages In addition to that, this website sends about 10,000 email newsletters each week, all which drives traffic to the website. Our website solution required robust caching capabilities to keep the site loading quickly on mobile devices.  To visit this website, please click here