Social Media

Have you ever wondered how Canadians are using the internet? Business and industry experts have learned more about how Canadians are using the internet.  Maybe you have pondered the idea of using the net for marketing, social communication or on-line purchases.  Whatever the reason, it is interesting to know internet usage is gaining every day and possibly every hour.  Businesses across Canada share how being on-line has changed their personal lives and their  approach to marketing their businesses and organizations.  One thing for sure, “the NEW” is here and here to stay.  Where would we be without the net ?  No doubt you have your own answers to that question. 

Some common ground in social media is the interactive dialoguing that such sites promote.  This type of on-line communication is a driving force to many, encouraging them to step out and converse. Your time is valuable, watch the hours spent on-line and ask yourself, “is it producing the yield that I need in my life”?  What you eat, you become in life.  So true also, that what we read, gaze at and put into our hearts and minds is what we become.  Remember relationships, one on one and face to face conversations, build the best friendships.  While shopping or reading and chatting on-line, healthy boundaries may apply.

There are six different types of social media: Collaborative projects (Wikis, Wordpress, Dropbox, etc.), blogs (WordPress, LiveJournal, etc.) and microblogs (Twitter, Foursquare, etc.), content communities, social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace), virtual game worlds, and virtual communities.  Each type meets specific needs that the user requires for what they hope to accomplish.

Studies conducted in 2009 show that 234 million U.S. citizens  age 13 and up are using mobile devices. Twitter reported that in December of the same year, they processed over one billion tweets, averaging out almost 40 million tweets daily.  In addition, over 25% of U.S. page views were of a popular social networking site, rising from the previous 13.5% of the previous year.  6S Marketing reporter Chris Breikss writes that 27.4 million Canadians (80% of our population) are 
on-line, while 64% have a social network profile.

So where would we be without the net?  Where are we with the net?  Maybe a sub-heading to Social media should be, ‘Healthy Boundaries May Apply’.