Community WebLine is a community website with powerful directory features that can turn individual listings into search engine optimized mini-websites we call “community websites”.   These sites help drive traffic to individual company websites and dramatically enhance local business visibility on the internet. For companies that do not have a stand alone website, Community WebLine is able to provide the web needs of the business at a very low cost investment of time and money.

This design is ideal for community organizations such as BIA’s, Chambers of Commerce or other membership based organizations who wish to help their members become more competitive in the digital economy. The design is mobile friendly and context sensitive in presenting relevant information on a small or large screen.

Site Features

  • Listings present text and images in interesting ways to provide a business narrative far beyond what is seen in traditional directory listings. A business may display products in sliders and image galleries. Contact information may include a customized contact form for each listing… 
  • This site includes articles and events to keep the local community informed of what is happening in the area, 
  • Promotions can be displayed in the featured listings area, or as a slider on the main page.  All are clickable into a fuller description of the promotion.  Sidebar ads can also be added if necessary.    
  • Google Maps integrated with Views—and it's great.         
    • This design integrates Google Maps with Views, providing directions and more information for your listed businesses, with a single click.        
    • Custom map markers for every kind of business listed        
    • Using different map markers for every type of business listed – taxonomy term – in your database, providing a better user-experience to your users.Features powerful custom search, with a variety of filters.
  • Powerful custom search, with a variety of filters. Community WebLine lets your users search in a variety of ways, such as by name, by business category, or by location.    
  • Lets your users rate listed businesses (not shown on Community WebLine)          
  • With its built-in rating system, you can let your users rate listed businesses—and it prominently displays the average score.
  • Social Media            
  • All the social media buttons are included.  Community WebLine includes Facebook like and share buttons that will allow visitors to click, share on their Facebook pages, and to comment.

The site design can be customized in many ways. It can include other features such as a blog and even an online store!


Community Webline

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