Have a Mobile Champion Website

With the increase of people using cellphones for business or casual use, it comes as no surprise that as a business owner we should be asking the question...

Do I need a mobile friendly website?

Smartphones along with other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of internet access. 
Your customers are increasingly going mobile.
In 2018 there has been a sizeable shift in shopping trends. The online champions were, you guessed it, mobile devices.

Small Business is BIG

Sure and steady, we go forward.

Our economy may have paused for a time, but helping it to move ahead consistently and strong are small businesses.  When small business owners were interviewed regarding business growth, approximately half believed they would be increasing soon, at least within the year.  

How do we go forward as a business or organization?

What is Networking?

Networking is simply ‘word of mouth’ referral with the goal of gaining new business by building new contacts. Networking is NOT selling but about building and nurturing business relationships. Remember that new business might not come from the people you meet but from who they know.

How to Develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing is an important function of any business, organization or agency. Knowledge of marketing helps your team determine the content of messages, the channels for sending messages, and the typed of messages to reach the desired audience. Understanding marketing and how to develop and implement a marketing plan is one of the best ways to achieve objectives, priorities and business goals.

Balancing Home AND Business

Did you know that more than half of Canadians are caring for their children at home in the same season their parents are in need of more attention medically (or with higher care needs)? Is there hope to balance, such lifestyles without burnout?  Let’s explore some ways of making life better, easier and result in quality of family life, yes even while working.