Your email settings - March 15th, 2018

E-mail Service March 15, 2018

Today the e-mail server was reconfigured to better manage the growing volume of email spam. You will have experienced bounced messages and error messages while the server was reconfigured. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

The problem is now fixed. We anticipate the volume of junk mail is now reduced.

Please check your email client settings. Your email client such as Outlook now is required to provide authentication. While most of our clients already have this setting checked, please check your settings to verify.

Website Design in Goderich, Ontario

Local Website Design for Goderich, Ontario tourist servicing businesses such as hotels, motels, cottages, restaurants or recreational equipment rental businesses can benefit from local website design experts. Here are a couple of ideas to improve your website effectiveness.

Retail Storefronts Going On-line in Huron County

Downtown cores serviced by BIA's (Business Improvement Associations) in small towns and city neighbourhoods have been negatively impacted by big on-line store competitors like Amazon. Local store-owners complain that shoppers come in to their store to look, but do not buy. Many of these shoppers go home, price compare named brands, and then buy online. How can local business compete?